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Identify the animal: The first step for trapping is to identify what kind of animal you are dealing with. Check to see what kind of damage is being done on your property.

Select a Trap: Once you’ve identified the type of animal, choose a trap that is large enough to fit the animals entire body inside the cage, but small enough to restrict its movement.

Set the bait: Select bait appropriate to the animal you are trying to trap. Place the bait to that the animal is sure to step on the trigger plate.

Place the Trap: Place the trap in area of cover, or where you observe the animal has frequently been, preferably in a quiet area or near a source of water and away from pets and people.

Catching and Moving the Animal: One you’ve trapped your animal and are ready to move it, put on a pair of protective gloves grab a blanket to put overtop of the cage. Limit contact with the animal to prevent the spread of germs. Release the animal in a more suitable habitat, far away from residential areas.

Cleaning The Cage: One the animal is released, disinfect the cage with a cleaning solution of 1 part bleach, and 9 parts water.

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